The destiny of the dead

While we all came together to form Mummy Productions just recently, we already have a great project in pre-production to share with you.

THE DESTINY OF THE DEAD is the result of conversations with TV programmers from across the globe and from our own desire to create a new genre in TV which breaks new boundaries.

Combining new ideas, high production values and a taste for the unexpected, Mummy Productions aims to satisfy your programming needs with this new, dynamic series.

Mummy Productions specializes in horror and science fiction content for TV, producing formats and programs with a twist, responding to and anticipating viewing trends in the TV market.

Our focus lies in the creativity and originality of scripts and ideas combined with up to the minute technology to compliment our high production standards.

Mummy Productions is a newly established company comprising a team of professionals whose years of experience and innovation distinguish us from our competitors.

Many friends but just one common demoninator; they all have a story to tell. And it's pretty chilling.